Daisy (A founder of WONETHA) was almost shot when a policeman pointed a gun at her in a crowd of many in Kabalagala during the street outreach  last night, 18 May 2010,  by the police she was also beaten up badly by the this police man ( NYOMBI). We managed to file a case in Kabalagala police station that night, she made her statement and 3 other people.

We called Lillian from AJWS/Platform for Labour Action she requested their Lawyer Joseph to follow up the case.

Daisy is to see a Doctor to day so as to  have an X-ray and thorough check on her back where the police hit her with the back part of the gun.

Please stand with us in this, “TOGETHER WE CAN”


Hello world: welcome to WONETHA’s Blog!

Welcome to WONETHA’s Blog! Our full name is: Women’s Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy and we are  a sex worker led organization established in 2008 by 3 passionate and determined sexworkers who have faced harassment, insults, stigma, discrimination and arrest without trial by misinformed societies and who have been stirred into responsive action concerning the plight of other sexworkers in the same working environment.

We work in Uganda, and we are based in Kampala. We work to end abuse and discrimination of sex workers. This website will tell you more about us, our activities and how to partner with us!